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Following the Law & Order

As we have noticed over years, even the sharpest and the most seasoned business owners find themselves stuck in a legal battle they never saw coming.

Needless to say it is pivotal that you get anything and everything legal right and on point.
Starting from due diligence to compliance, from contract drafting to fighting claims in a court of law- StartupWish will help you defend your dream in each domain.

We will assist you and guide you minus the hassle of finding and dealing with lawyers.


Law and Order

Company Secretary & Compliance

Post the incorporation of a business entity in India, compliances under several laws and regulations prevailing in the country are to be met.

These include obtaining registration under the various statutes applicable, maintenance of statutory records and registers, generation of periodic reports and filing the same with the relevant authorities etc.

There can be varied solutions for these requirements and our team will set up technical tools and  processes if applicable and also arrange consultations with professionals where required as per your preferences.

Intellectual Property Rights

IPR helps the new business to preserve and protect the key differentiating elements of its business, product or services. Obtaining intellectual property protection, such as patents, can help reduce competition and defend against infringement claims from others. Intellectual property can facilitate startups in attracting and solidify funding and partnerships.

Our legal team will help you ensure that your creations and innovations are properly protected and your business maintains its edge.

Contracts & Partnerships

Contracts can be both scary and expensive as well. But they are inextricable to running any business from founders agreements to employee contract, NDAs, supply and service agreements and the list is endless and grows along with your business.

It is important to carefully draft a contract with attention to detail to avoid any future legal hassle and claims and also to keep track of contract which are expiring and those that need to be renewed.

StartupWish provides integrated contract drafting and execution services catering to you business needs.



Legal Contingency Plan

While running a business there are countless interactions that happen and some of them lead to friction which may translate into a legal claim or a full blown legal battle.

As a startup with limited resources an expensive legal battle may act as a death blow if not managed properly.

Our legal team help you prepare for such contingencies and guide you through them to put forward your best defence.

Due Diligence

Carefully planned due diligence processes help avoid any unpleasant setbacks while entering into new partnerships and arrangements. It is also a crucial part in securing investments.

We provide legal, financial and commercial due diligence services and also help you ensure that your business can withstand such scrutiny from any prospective investors.

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Our team is ready to guide you in protecting your business as per the legal guidelines.